Connecting local shoppers with
their handmade community.


Support Local, Support Small

This may be a catchy hashtag – but it means so much more than that to me. When I think about the women and families and communities that are impacted when you choose to purchase an item from a local, handmade show – you are contributing to more than just a “local business”

 You are helping to put food on the table, you are helping to pay for soccer and hockey and gymnastics and dance. You are helping to fund a family trip to Florida and the snow tires they put on the van that drives them there. You are helping a member of your community become all that they dream to be.

 My goal is to connect the makers at my shows with customers who see the value in buying handmade – and who are committed to purchasing with purpose!


I could not have ever imagined a life filled with the freedom to create products I love, challenge myself, be incredibly passionate and meet so many fabulous people on a daily basis. LSK has been not only my dream but my baby for the past 6 years. Working every chance I got from the moment I woke up to the wee hours of the night all while building a family. It has given me the freedom to help with expenses and offer my kids things that may not have been possible otherwise. I feel so honoured and proud seeing something I created being loved and worn by others. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to anyone that’s supported me or my brand in any way, you have no idea how much it has touched me and my family.

~Farah from LSK

Why Shop Local?


  • When you get to know the people behind the product they are selling, you enjoy a connection you wouldn’t otherwise have gotten from a big box store.
  • You find joy in celebrating in their small successes and you appreciate all the hard work they’ve put into making the perfect piece for you.
  • Shopping local strengthens and builds our community
  • As a shopper, you’re helping keep our community unique -staying away from typical big-box shopping.

As featured on CTV!

Hey, I’m Melinda!

I’m the Owner and Creative Director behind Picks and Giggles!

I started this biz 9 years ago when I was on mat leave with my son to create more time and financial freedom while supporting other mompreneurs to do the same! My first show was in a little community centre with just 32 booths and I bought myself a Lululemon jacket with my profits!

Flash forward to today, I’m a full time work from home single mama of 2 and I’ve held over 40 events, with my Holiday Markets holding over 90 participating shops and seeing over 3000 shoppers!

My motto with my markets is always the same – I am only successful when my vendors are successful and when my shoppers feel their time was well spent – so as an event host, I go above and beyond to ensure things run smoothly and are well-organized. I leverage my social media accounts, and those of my vendors, to get my advertising in front of tens of thousands of people to spread the word on where we’ll be popping up next!

So take a look around and see what Picks and Giggles’ is all about and hopefully I’ll see you as either a shopper or vendor at one my future markets!

“I have loved every bit of my growth both personally and professionally over the last eight years.  I feel the authentic and organic connections I’ve made with our local business owners has created a strong foundation that has allowed my business to grow from a small 32-booth show with a couple hundred shoppers, to now over 125 booths and almost 4000 shoppers.”


-Melinda Lemay



Give Where You Live

In the past three years, we’re happy to announce that we’ve been able to donate over $50,000 to Abilities Centre – and proud to say that we were their largest community fundraiser.


Moving into 2020, we are continuing to focus on supporting our local community and are actively looking to partner with a new charitable organization.

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