Boost Your Sales This Christmas With the Unboxed Wishbook

There’s no doubt that 2020 has turned all of our lives completely upside-down.  

We’ve endured the threat of a global pandemic and the restrictions of lockdown and isolation.  For many of us, this year has come with new and daunting financial challenges as well.  

At Picks and Giggles, we’re passionate about the shop local movement. The way that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted local businesses has been incredibly disheartening and frustrating to watch.  

But if we know one thing about being a small business owner, it’s this:  we are resilient.  We can pivot.  We are self-motivated, and we can figure out how to move forward. 



Enter the Unboxed Wishbook : a timely opportunity for our local makers to get their products in front of literally tens of thousands of people and boost their sales in an incredibly short period of time.  

The Unboxed Wishbook is a beautifully designed online catalogue that features clickable links to your website, so shoppers purchase directly from you – no hidden fees or commissions.  As a participant, you simply purchase an ad space in the catalogue, which then runs for two full months – from October 22nd right until Christmas Eve.  All you have to do from there is watch the sales roll in!

“In this crazy time, businesses are looking for new ways to reach customers and consumers are looking for new safer ways to shop.  Why not reinvent the catalogue experience we all knew and loved, but in a more modern context?”

-Melinda Lemay

The Wishbook will be distributed across the Durham region and the GTA, as well as to P+G’s extensive email list.  We anticipate that this catalogue will get in front of over 35,000 people!

If you’re a shop owner, we know that the holidays are normally prime time for your sales – but this year is a year like no other.  Over the next few months, we simply don’t know what’s going to happen as the pandemic continues to roll out into the winter. 

There’s no way around it – we need to continue to find new ways of reaching our customers and hitting our sales targets.  Through the Unboxed Wishbook we can equip you, the makers, to do just that. 

Applications are now closed for the 2020 Wishbook – but there’s good news! We’re doing another one!  

Are you a maker or local business looking to drive sales and build your audience FAST?

If you want to participate in our next Wishbook,  sign up for our email list today. Applications will be opening in the new year!

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