10 Inspiring Shop Local Quotes

The shop local movement is hardly a trend – it’s a shift in lifestyle that more and more people are embracing.  In increasing numbers, consumers are turning away from big box retailers and investing in local businesses instead, looking to support their communities – and more significantly, the people that make those communities what they are.

In the last year alone, it’s estimated that 90 percent of consumers used the Internet to try to find a local business – evidence that people are still interested in purchasing goods and services close to home.  For supporters of the shop local movement, this is just one of many encouraging statistics that proves their enthusiasm is not only worthwhile, but is spreading. 

Better and more personalized service, higher quality goods, and a desire to support local vendors are often named by consumers as key motivations to buy locally.  And despite the rise of Amazon and its impact on retail overall, local businesses have proved to be surprisingly resilient.

Some theorize that this is because small businesses have spent the last several decades trying to stay ahead of big box retail.  They have found sustainable success by leveraging personalized service and higher product quality. They know this commitment to both quality and service is what keeps customers coming back – even when it might be easier to purchase something through a few clicks. 

Shopping local is all about sharing the love, and in that spirit we’ve gathered some of our favourite shop local quotes to inspire and encourage you.  By purchasing from local businesses, you are, as Anna Lappe so poignantly says, “casting a vote for the kind of world you want”.


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