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Now Accepting Vendor Applications

Baby & Kids Handmade Market

Now Accepting Vendor Applications

All Things Handmade Market



How do I become a vendor?

Watch for new show announcements on our social media pages – they are posted months in advance or add your email here to be the first to be notified about new event dates: Subscribe to be notified

Does my business qualify to participate?
–  applicant must be the creator, designer/ artist
–  designed and/or made in Canada and heavily involved in the creation 
–  applications will be reviewed for each market, to ensure variety, quality and uniqueness 
How many events do you host per year?

Typically we host anywhere between 4-6 markets in Durham Region per year and are looking expand into the GTA in the coming future.

How much are booth fees?
Vendor spaces for all remaining 2019 events are SOLD OUT.
The 2020 booth fees will range from $200 to $300 depending on booth size, location and extras (ie electricity, back wall, corner)
How do you choose which applicants will be in your markets?

We like to have curated markets, which allows our shoppers a great & unique selection of handmade goods and local services. Business who have active social media accounts and are well represented online are preferred. We are always looking for new and exciting businesses!!

What if I don't live in Durham Region, can my business still participate?

Absolutely, we are always looking for fresh, unique and talented handmade businesses!

Where do my market fees go?

Those fees go directly into venue rental, event insurance, marketing costs, and most importantly – social media presence.

Your Support Leaves an Impact

Success Stories

I could not have ever imagined a life filled with the freedom to create products I love, challenge myself, be incredibly passionate and meet so many fabulous people on a daily basis. LSK has been not only my dream but my baby for the past 6 years. Working every chance I got from the moment I woke up to the wee hours of the night all while building a family. It has given me the freedom to help with expenses and offer my kids things that may not have been possible otherwise. I feel so honoured and proud seeing something I created being loved and worn by others. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to anyone that’s supported me or my brand in any way, you have no idea how much it has touched me and my family.

Farah from LSK

To see familiar faces that come out to each market to shop, say hello, ask about recent events or trips I’ve shared makes my heart explode! You are a big part of my journey, you are my cheerleaders and you are my friends. I’ve had the privilege of knowing many of you with baby bumps and now your kids call me auntie Karen and run over to give me hugs! There is so much respect amongst the makers, it’s authentic and a sisterhood that supports one another. To have a sense of belonging to a community that supports local and handmade warms my heart and I hope purchase with purpose continues to grow and inspire other communities to do the same.

Karen from Karamella

“I admire how you turn a market place into one of the most successful selling experiences for a small business.

Your market helped us pay for a family trip to Aruba.”

Mrs. Weeda

“I made enough money from home in the last 4 months by posting one photo and you reposting it linking to me to cover the cost of my booth at Picks & Giggles market!”


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Handmade Markets and Events in Durham Region and surrounding area.






Handmade Markets and Events in Durham Region and surrounding area.


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