A note from Mel

The number one question I’ve been asked since March is “have you thought of hosting a virtual market?”⁣ My answer has always been no. Here’s why.

At Picks and Giggles, my goal has always been to leverage our following to support our local makers and small businesses. For a variety of reasons, a virtual market just doesn’t scream HELL YES to me.

If you know me, you know that I lead with passion. I have to love what I’m doing and know that the outcome means success for everyone involved.⁣  I’ve always led my business on the premise that I’m only successful if the participants are – and virtual markets just did not feel like the best way to accomplish that.  But what was?  For months, that was my question.  

And then it hit me…

Why Support Local Handmade


Over the last 9 years, Picks and Giggles has evolved as a gateway for local Canadian entrepreneurs to connect directly (in real life) with their local audience, and to spread the powerful message of shopping local.
Communities prosper when a local entrepreneur grows and can start employing local community members. This means re-investing and hiring other local businesses! Economic growth happens!
In a world full of digital marketing and online shopping, we’re committed to providing a space for you, the modern maker, to showcase and sell your business IRL to the communities around you.
Not your gramma’s bazaar

Not mass produced

Not a mall

Support Local Makers

Awesome show and so many high quality artisans!  You don’t want to miss this one!

Vicki S.

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