The Rise of Pink Lemon

How did Pink Lemon come to be?

I have always been a DIY’er, loved design and making things pretty and it goes back about 15 years when I bought my first home, had a tiny budget, and made most of the things inside decor wise. I always made things for people I knew and eventually I was being asked to make things for those I didn’t know! Pink Lemon was given an official identity in 2016 where is was a side hustle. I stepped away from my corporate job after a decade to be a stay at home Mom however dived into Pink Lemon right away! It is a FULL time job now.


How did you initially fund Pink Lemon – and how long was it your side hustle?


Initially, I used some of my savings and anytime there was profit it went directly back into the business. It was my side hustle for about 2 years before it became full time.


What are your thoughts on being a C.O.E. for your business? (Chief of everything) and do you recommend or not and why. Lots of makers just starting out maybe don’t have much of a budget for a graphic designer or professional photographs.  What’s your advice.


Being a C.O.E. is very challenging and my advice is to not be one! 
Seriously… hire help or recruit friends and family to volunteer their time to help you in any aspect! No one will pat you on the back and say “Great job for burning the candle at both ends!” 
Do you have a friend who is into photography? Can they help you? Social media savy friend? Help a girl out! Juggling all those hats won’t give anyone the best version of you. Only say yes to the things that really make you happy and are worth your time.
Create boundaries from the beginning including working hours, family time, time off. It can be very easier to blur those lines and you will end up feeling like your always working. 
Call in babysitters when needed too!

Let’s talk market prep – what does that look like for Pink Lemon? From the time you book a market – until morning of market day.

That is a long one!
Large markets I try to limit to 1 a month or even further between. Immediately upon acceptance the event is added to all platforms (FB, IG, website events, etc) If I have attended the event before I look at numbers to asses what inventory is required. I even record weather conditions from past markets because it makes a difference!
Prep begins apron 6-8 weeks in advance painting boards, staining framing, scheduling team members to assist. Christmas actually starts in June here and I work all summer making stock for holiday markets.
4 weeks prior I start to promote on social media and then 2 weeks prior I really ramp it up and show teasers of what is coming, ask what you are hoping to snag, share other participants. The week of you will see daily posts to get you excited! One thing…I don’t do ANY market prep the day before anymore! This day is reserved for packing only and calmness. A well rested maker will always await you on market day!


As a seasoned and successful maker, what are your expectations when it comes to measuring your “success” from participating in a market?


Were people walking through the door? When they say “I say your post about this item?” Did they leave with bags in hand?
There are SO many factors to a successful market but for me it’s having people at my booth, having conversations about Pink Lemon, of course making sales and making sure they were introduced to my brand. Did I create something memorable for them? 

If you can give any new small shop one piece of advice, what would it be?


 Promote yourself and have the same presence offline as you do online! People are buying from YOU! Smile, say hello and engage!
You can shop Pink Lemon in person at our 4th Annual Holiday Market – coming up on December 15th in Oshawa.

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